About the Artist

Amber Cariker, Founder of Mediiums, was born to a family of Artists and bohemians near Joshua Tree, California. She has been creating art and exploring different mediums since she was a child. 

In search for her passion and inspiration, Amber has explored and worked with painting, ceramics, crochet, and other forms of art. It wasn’t, however, until she discovered woodworking where there was an instant chemistry and feeling of home. “There is just something about the grain, it tells a story and take you on a journey,” she says. 


Amber launched Mediiums in the Spring of 2018 inspired by the desert she was raised in. She focuses on curating one-of-a-kind large and small scale wall art and furniture such as shadow-box coffee tables, headboards, entry tables, barn doors, and desks that evoke and embody a unique and earthy desert feel. 

Amber currently lives in Las Vegas with her partner, Travis, and her dog Oak. In her free time she loves working in her home studio, is a garden enthusiast, and often spends her time cooking or out in nature.